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About Luxe Aura

Our company, Luxe Aura Nail and Face Studio, offers a complete selection of luxury services. For nail care, we offer premium manicure, pedicure, hand and foot spa treatments, including paraffin wax services. Our hand spa is an intensive 7-step process and our foot spa is a full 8-step process. We use only the best hypoallergenic scrubs and butters, and we do not take any shortcuts in client pampering.

LHE Microphototherapy Facials at Luxe Aura

Beneficial effects of LHE Microphototherapy:

1. Treatment of acne
2. Anti-aging
3. Evens the skin tone
4. Whitens skin
5. Softens skin
6. Decreases pore size
7. Reduces eyebags
8. Increases skin elasticity
9. Stimulates collagen production
10. Lessens black spots
11. Reduces wrinkles

New 2013 Collections are now available!

Textured nails are the hottest thing today. If you're a fan of textured nails, you're going to love ZOYA's PixieDust line. And guess what? The 2013 ZOYA PixieDust collection are now available at LuxeAura. Hope to see you soon!


Auras, fields of subtle, luminous radiation surrounding people and objects. It is the densest part of the Astral Body - our Soul - the subtle form which interpenetrates and surrounds the entire physical body, every cell and organ. Our individual auras are in a constant state of flux, changing form, volume and color, to reflect altered moods and emotional/mental reactions. We have one or two basic colors corresponding to our identity, but there are many other color areas about our aura that change with our thoughts and moods.

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