Our 7-Step Hand Spa

for women

PhP 550
PhP 850 with paraffin

for men

PhP 600
PhP 900 with paraffin

Renewing: Age Reversal Hand Spa
The treatment for youthful looking hands! This luxurious hand treatment begins with the anti-aging ingredients: hydro-moisture collagen aloe vera scrub and mask, and calming Chamomile oil massage and butter. Will restore youthful looking vibrance to your skin!
   Collagen. Aloe Vera. Chamomile.

Nourishing: Hydrating Hand Spa
The color of luxury, and inspired by Queen Cleopatra. This decadent secret dates back to Cleopatra who bathed in milk to achieve flawless skin. Adding our custom blend of almond extracts and Vitamin E, this treatment will exfoliate, repair and revitalize your environmentally damaged skin making it softer, smoother with a brighter finish.
   Almond. Virgin Coconut Oil. Milk

Soothing: Tension Relief Hand Spa
Pamper your overworked hands with this specialty organic ginger therapy to improve blood circulation and nourish your skin!
   Ginger extract.

Illuminating: Whitening Hand Spa
Get ready to show off with this premium treatment. Helps lighten skin tone and erase the appearance of blemishes. Enriched with Vitamin C to smoothen and clarify skin.
   Vitamin C

Indulging: Vinotherapy Hand Spa
Prevent premature aging starting of your hands. Begin with a softening hand soak, followed by a gentle exfoliation of dead skin cells, and then even out skin pigmentation. A hydrating hand mask with anti-oxidant grape seed extract is applied to promote cell turn-over.
   Anti-oxidant Grape Seed Extract

Empowering: Nail Strength Hand Spa
Pamper yourself with this specialty Vitamin E-packed hand spa for softer, smoother skin and stronger nails! Feel the difference!
   Vitamin E